Wireless Energy Management Solutions

Millennial Net Wireless Energy Management Solution consist of a wireless sensor network combined with building automation protocols to provide remote monitoring and control of buildings’ heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (“HVAC”) systems, lighting and other energy consuming devices. It allows building owners and operators to reduce energy consumption and manage peak demands.

It can be utilized in various types of buildings, including offices, schools, commercial and public buildings, universities, and hospitals as they leverage the strengths and flexibility of MeshScape® wireless sensor networks for monitoring and control.

Millennial Net Energy Management Solution Architecture

Wireless Energy Management Solution Architecture

Millennial Net’s MeshScape® Energy Management System architecture provides the integrated framework for MeshScape®-compatible devices to be combined into comprehensive remote monitoring and control applications. The industrial-class wireless MeshScape® networking technology is a proven robust and scalable foundation for self-forming and self-healing wireless network. It enables wireless sensors to be easily installed and put into service with minimal cost and disruption to existing facilities and operations.

The ad hoc nature of the wireless mesh network allows you to randomly place and move sensors as needed. New sensor nodes and the surrounding mesh network will do the work of discovering each other and establishing communication paths through single and multi-hop routes.

Control Platform Options

Millennial Net’s MeshScape® remote monitoring/control network architecture is comprised of a various wireless devices and a site controller for connecting to a number of control software application options:

  • Existing Building Management Solution via BACnet IP Protocol
  • 3rd party Energy Management Application via Modbus Protocol

Cost Effective Deployment

The Millennial Net EMS solutions are designed for rapid and affordable deployment across multiple buildings and sites.  Various wireless MeshScape devices for sensing and controlling are integrated and managed with a higher-level Energy Management Systems from single location. The MeshScape devices form the wireless mesh sensor network autonomously as they discover one another and establish bi-directional communication paths through single- and multi-hop routes, requiring no administrative overhead or IT management. The intelligent devices (e.g. wireless thermostats, sensors, and actuators) communicate with a central gateway at each building/site.The devices are designed to work with legacy HVAC systems, fixtures, and appliances, making it unnecessary to upgrade HVAC equipment to save energy.

Energy Savings

Energy savings are achieved by improved compliance and energy policy enforcement.  System reliability and robustness are critical to sustained performance of any energy management solution. The patented MeshScape wireless network is ideal for all types of buildings. This industrial-class wireless networking technology is a proven robust and scalable foundation for energy conservation. It’s highly responsive self-forming and self-healing network allows wireless sensors to be installed easily and put into service with minimal cost and disruption to existing facilities.  

Robust Network

The company’s core MeshScape technology provides high reliability and performance in as a wireless mesh network to meet the unique requirements for this bi-directional communication and control applications. It overcomes critical challenges traditionally associated with wireless sensor networks, such as scaling, long distances, dynamic environments, etc. Wireless networking avoids the time and disruption of a hard-wired installation. The system creates a robust flow of energy data for compliance monitoring, analysis, optimization, and reporting while leveraging investments in existing building infrastructure.

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