Wireless Local Energy Sub-Meter Wi-LEM

Wi-LEM - Wireless Local Energy Meter

Wi-LEM is a complete energy sub-metering network device that is fast and easy to install. It is an assembly of 1 to 3 current transducers with its signal processing module. Wi-LEM can be deployed to measure energy consumption at any point in the power cabinet and transmit the data.

Wi-LEM is ideal for retrofit or new installations and is designed for purposes such as electricity sub-metering, energy auditing, and diagnostics. Due to its small size, the Wi-LEM is perfectly suited for limited cabinet space and can be fitted to most electrical boxes. Long-range radio enhances communication through metal electric boxes. The Wi-LEM transmits at a radio power of 60-mW, allowing for communication distances of at least 750 feet clear line of sight. It can be positioned on existing circuits regardless of where they are in a building. Wireless Mesh Network connectivity permits repositioning of the Wi-LEM from one location to another within a building or among buildings with no additional configuration necessary.

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  • Nominal Current : 20 to 2000A
  • Nominal Voltage : 90… 480 V r.m.s
  • Accuracy (IEC 62053):
    • Active energy class 1
    • Reactive energy class 3
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Line powered or external 24 VDC power supply
  • Network configuration:
    • 3 phase Star or Delta
    • Single phase
  • CE-, IC- and FCC-compliant hardware modules