MeshScape® Wireless Sensor Networking System

MeshScape is Millennial Net’s high-end IP based wireless mesh networking technology that delivers OEMs and system integrators all of the software, hardware, and tools to quickly and cost-effectively develop and deploy embedded wireless sensor networking applications. 

MeshScape is a highest performance wireless mesh sensor network (WSN) technology ideal for demanding dynamic, ad-hoc and mobile applications requiring bi-directional communications:

  • Low Power - Battery powered and power-harvesting-ready routers and gateways
  • Easily Scalable - Hundreds of nodes in a network over large areas
  • Extremely Reliable - 99.9% packet delivery
  • Platform Independent - Can run on any hardware processor platform

Performance of most WSNs available today, both proprietary and standards-based (such as Zigbee® PRO and WirelessHart™) is limited across these many opposing design objectives, which limit their suitability for many applications. MeshScape is optimized to balance these challenging requirements and achieve much greater performance and reliability levels in more demanding applications.

MeshScape technology is specifically configured for OEM-embedded applications. It uses patent virtually-on frequency hopping technology and unique Decentralized Distributed Dynamic Routing (D3R) techniques to form a self-configuring, wireless mesh network. D3R employs a node-initiated network formation for efficient topology discovery, and "best route" information for network re-formation, a must requirement in ever-changing RF environments. Meshscape includes a rich set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for rapid integration with sophisticated applications.

IP based MeshScape WSN network utilizes standard IEEE 802.15.4 unlicensed radio band or other types of radios including 433MHz, 900MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM bands. It can run on multiple hardware platforms including MSP430 and 8051 CPUs.   

MeshScape Key Features: 

  • Bi-directional Data Reliability based on D3R, which implements both fast data rerouting after link outages and frequency hopping to increase interference resistance. These are essential for timely downstream communications/controls and upstream monitoring/feedback. Communication is optimized for bi-directional control applications as well as unidirectional sense-only applications.
  • Advanced Power Management delivers low latency communications using conventional batteries for several years on all network nodes including routers and coordinators, takes advantage of new energy harvesting technologies to extend battery life indefinitely, with packet delivery latency still measured in milliseconds.
  • Greatly Enhanced Scalability based on D3R, practically supporting multiple times the number of nodes in a wireless mesh network and the number of network hops in real-world environments compared with other technologies.
  • Reliable Peer-to-Peer communication delivers the capability for network nodes to send and receive packets directly and reliably to each other without requiring a coordinator or gateway.
  • Multiple Network Joining delivers the capability for a node to become a part of multiple networks simultaneously, giving the application the freedom to create and manage subnets in any combination.
  • Support for Multiple Hardware processor platforms, including MSP430, 8051, and others as well as multiple radio platforms, including IEEE 802.15.4 and others.
  • Extremely Rapid Mesh Reconfiguration supports mobile and other applications requiring fast reconfiguration of the mesh network.
  • Order of Magnitude greater total network data transport capacity compared with Zigbee Pro or other alternatives through frequency hopping across multiple channels.

MeshScape is recognized for its high performance as the WSN of choice by OEM partners in the military/defense, energy management, home automation, industrial automation, medical and logistics fields. Millennial Net’s business and technical strategy is focused on providing OEMs the differentiation and optimized performance for their unique application and market. Therefore, Millennial Net collaborates with market leaders to expand the domain of MeshScape applications, and is hardware independent.

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