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SPAN - Self-Powered Ad-hoc Network by Lockheed Martin

SPAN is Millennial Net’s Meshscape based cost-effective, nearly invisible, integrated surveillance system used to protect personnel and assets through applications such as border monitoring or detecting intrusions in secure areas. Utilizing embedded micro-sensors and leveraging advanced Millennial Net’s Meshscape wireless mesh sensor networking technology and power management, SPAN communicates conditions to enhance situational awareness. Each palm-sized MeshScape sensor integrates through distributed signal processing to a single, reliable and persistent surveillance capability system. 

How It Works

The economic characteristics of the sensors make SPAN extremely portable, easy to deploy and conceal. And, since SPAN is powered by thin film energy cells along with energy harvesting technology, the system is self-recharging resulting continuous, nearly inexhaustible operational life. Risk of revealing SPAN is virtually eliminated, since battery maintenance is not required, and the low-cost COTS approach of the system renders the sensors expendable.

“Field-and Forget” Wireless Ground Sensor Network

SPAN is a smart MeshScape wireless sensor mesh network that is self-organizing and self-healing. Data from the devices is processed through the employment of proprietary algorithms, reducing false alarms and providing reliable intelligence. The virtually inexhaustible, energy harvesting wireless network is a system of discreet “Field-and Forget” ground micro-sensors that enable inconspicuous, continuous surveillance with the ability to activate cameras or unmanned aerial vehicles toward areas of concern, or alert engineers when a bridge or pipeline may be structurally compromised.

Camouflaged and Easily Concealed
SPAN sensors are palm-size devices small enough to easily conceal in camouflage housings, such as those resembling rocks, and discreetly distribute throughout an area. They provide an inconspicuous surveillance network with low risk of discovery or tampering, resulting in reliable and persistent monitoring. Operating at extremely low power, SPAN is capable of self-recharging and utilizing energy harvesting technology for perpetually powered sensors. Battery life can be a critical component in determining the deployment of a surveillance system in dangerous or uncertain surroundings. The low cost of the SPAN sensors eliminates life-expectancy and battery servicing concerns, diminishing the risk of people in harm’s way for equipment re-deployment, maintenance and servicing.

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