MeshScape Wireless Sensor Networking Products

Easy to implement, ad hoc, self-organizing wireless mesh networking MeshScape® products that lead the industry in power efficiency, support for dynamic systems and mobile sensors, reliability, and scalability.

MeshScape PRIME
 MeshScape Prime WSN i-Bean Development Kit

MeshScape® PRIME i-Bean® WSN Developers Kit

MeshScape PRIME is fully customizable highest performance wireless sensor networking protocol providing OEMs ability to create applications completely suiting their needs. MeshScape PRIME i-Bean WSN Developers Kit will allow you to quickly prototype your own MeshScape wireless sensor network.

Kit Includes:
•  6 MeshScape PRIME i-Bean development boards
•  6 USB cables
•  All applicable documentation
•  PC software                                                                                             
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MeshScape GO
 MeshScape GO OEM End Node w/Serial UART

MeshScape GO OEM End Node Module

MeshScape wireless sensor node ready to be deployed right out of the box. UART serial interface allows for easy integration for number of applications.

Features at a Glance:
•  Operates on a worldwide and license-free 2.4 GHz ISM radio band
•  Four digital input/output channels or one UART serial data port
•  Four 10-bit resolution analog-to-digital channels
•  Serial data  as Modbus RTU registers                                                        
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MeshScape GO 1000 Node WSN Kit

WSN kit that easily supports 200, 500 or 1000 mesh nodes on one network communicating with a singles gateway – no subnets or additional network controllers. Robust bi-directional communication allows for both monitoring and control applications.

Features at a Glance:
•  200-node, 500-node, and 1000-node size network
•  Data rates up to 250 kbps
•  Single network with one gateway
•  Wireless communication 750 feet between devices, clear line of sight
•  Complete bi-directional communication                                                    
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MeshScape GO OEM Developers Kit

Pre-configured application ready wireless sensor networking software and hardware ready to be deployed right out of the box. MeshScape GO WSN technology can be deployed without any need for any programming or hardware configuration.

Kit Includes:
•  1 MeshScape Go wireless gateway
•  2 Mesh node wireless repeaters
•  1 Mesh node OEM Analog/Digital I/O
•  2 End node OEM modules
•  1 End node temperature/humidity sensor                                                  
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Technology Comparison

Features MeshScape GO MeshScape PRIME

Time to Market

"Ready Out of the Box"

Customer Specific

Communication Range*

> 750 feet

> 750 feet

Hardware Platform


TI CC1101 for sub-GHz,
 TI CC2520 for 2.4GHz,
or Any, Customer Specific

Radio Frequency

2.4 GHz

Any, Customer Specific including 2.4 GHz

Routing Technology

Persistent Dynamic Routing

Decentralized Distributed Dynamic Routing

Network Topology Support

Star-Mesh, Full Mesh

Star-Mesh, Full Mesh, Peer-to-Peer Mesh

Interface Protocols

Modbus, BACnet IP

Any, Customer Specific using API library

Sensor Interface

ADC, DAC, Dry Contact I/O, Serial

Any, Customer Specific using API library

Frequency Diversity

Frequency Agility

Active Frequency Hopping

Device Addressing

User Configurable


Power Options: End Nodes

Battery or Line

Battery or Line

Power Options: Mesh Nodes


Battery or Line

Power Options: Gateways


Battery or Line

Network Role Assumption (Gateway/Meshnode/Endnode)

Device Specific

Any node can assume each role dynamically

API Libraries



Peer-to-Peer Communication



Continuous operation without coordinator



"Virtually On" Power Management



Multiple-Network Joining



* Clear line of site